Wexford County Board of Commissioners Approves New Plan For Central Dispatch

Help is on the way for a Northern Michigan county’s 911 services and it was passed unanimously.

The Wexford County Board of Commissioners heard from the sheriff at Wednesday’s meeting, who brought forward a plan that could make it easier to run central dispatch.

The board passed his plan 9 to 0.

Sheriff Trent Taylor says the draft-in-the-works will help the county’s central dispatch get a much-needed update, bringing a 2001 plan up to speed with 2017 technology like "NextGen 911."

He says the draft will also help the county create a 911 authority board, easing the burden for the county.

"It’s mission critical,” Taylor says. “We need this, and hopefully we will get the ball rolling a little quicker on making the decision on what the future holds for our 911 center."

The draft for the new plan should be in the hands of the county by May 10.

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