TC New Tech Brings First Technology Incubator To Traverse City

“It really seems to have struck a chord with the community in that everyone’s like hey this is perfect, it’s the right thing, at the right time,” said Russell Schindler, founder and president of TC New Tech.

Because of a local nonprofit, more technology jobs will be coming and staying in Traverse City.

TC New Tech will be leasing the old City Hall building to rent incubator space to technology businesses.

“Anything technology related, we’re going to be a place for them to locate and just get started,” said Schindler.

Something new to Northern Michigan…a technology incubator to help new and local businesses.

“This will be a space that will bring in more than just the tech crowd,” said Max Anderson, executive director of the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce. “The idea is to bring in other facets to the community as well to integrate with and work with the tech crowd; but anything that does that, that helps create synergies among different groups of people is something that it can be nothing but a benefit.”

And this won’t be a place just for new businesses…Atlas Space Operations previously had their office in California but with the growth in Traverse City and this new space, they knew this should be their new location.

“We’ve gone through incubators and accelerators, we’re a business that’s already generating revenue but we’re still a young business and we need a platform to land on and to work from and TC New Tech gives us that,” said Mike Carey, chief operating officer, Atlas Space Operations.

TC New Tech wants to focus on bringing more high paying jobs to Northern Michigan

“We are looking for companies that are going to in turn, turn around and give back to the community and create these jobs and also have a philanthropic nature to pay back what they’ve been given,” said Schindler. “We’re looking for those kind of companies that are really interested in becoming a part of the community.”

And looking to offer a future to our young entrepreneurs too.

“As a parent of a high school junior, I find this a very exciting opportunity to have TC New Tech actually create structure outside of the classroom where young adults can see a future in Traverse City with high tech jobs which will be good paying jobs,” said Carey.

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