Michael Stevens, Adam Bartelmay & John McGowan Brave The Shave!

These last two weeks have been unreal with the love and support that has been pouring into our headquarters as we raise funds for St. Baldrick’s.

What started out as a viewer question to Michael Stevens has become something SO much bigger than we could have ever imagined, here at 9&10 News.

Our original goal, brought to us by 9&10 News Meteorologist, Michael Stevens, was to raise $7,500 to go towards cures for childhood cancers. Northern Michigan–you took that goal and met it with passion in just three short days. Michael Stevens will Brave the Shave come March 31st on Michigan This Morning!!

Our second goal, brought to us by 9&10 News Michigan This Morning Anchor, Adam Bartelmay, was to raise an additional $9,010 for St. Baldrick’s. Again, you met that goal and then some in just 15 short HOURS! Yes, hours. Adam Bartelmay will Brave the Shave come March 31st on Michigan This Morning!!

We challenged you one more time to raise an additional $10,490 to meet our third goal of $27,000 for St. Baldrick’s, as they help fund cures for childhood cancers.

And thanks to all of you, we did it! 

Michael Stevens, Adam Bartelmay and John McGowan Braved the Shave Friday Live on Michigan This Morning!!

But just because the heads have been shaved doesn’t mean you can’t still donate!

You’re free to continue supporting the St. Baldrick’s Foundation — the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants.


Thank you for being a hero to kids with cancer!

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