Petoskey Businesses Welcome First Day Of Spring

Sunshine has the snow melting and people putting away their winter gear.

It is now officially spring, and businesses in downtown Petoskey are rearranging their stores for the new season.

People in downtown Petoskey are thinking spring with bright colors popping up in many store windows.

 “It’s been nice to have people come in and they’re like, ‘happy spring,’” says Alex Lapp, Bearcub Outfitters manager.

As the snow starts to melt and temperatures begin to rise, Bearcub Outfitters gets ready for one of their favorite times of the year.

“I love spring because the smell of it is just nice, and you see the flowers pop up, and just people are happy,” explains Alex. “We get all of our new stuff in and the colors are just amazing, and it’s nice to go from puffy to not puffy.”

With spring break right around the corner, business is starting to pick up.

“We have a bunch of people coming in for kids’ swimsuits, adult sandals, and all of that. It’s fun to hear where they’re going on their trips and stuff like that,” says Alex.

Down the road, Latitude 45 is ready for another busy spring season.

“We go from zero to 60 in one or two days. It actually happened this last weekend, it picked up quite a bit and as soon as the weather starts to warm up about 10 degrees it will pick up even more,” says owner Christian Janssens.

They say it’s important your bike is ready to ride.

“Tune ups, fittings, all the important things to get ready for spring and get out on the bike as soon as the weather’s good,” explains Christian.

Latitude 45 says if you’re in need of a tune up or fitting, make sure you get your bike and gear in soon. They’re already starting to fill up with appointments.

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