Cadillac Barber Shop Shaves Heads To Support Childhood Cancer Research

Some people in Cadillac are walking around with freshly shaved heads, and they did it for a good cause.

The hair removal happened at Abbie’s first cut barber shop in Cadillac, for St. Baldrick’s.

The event sponsored Brooke, an 8-year-old who’s fighting juvenile cancer.

One man who’s had his mustache for more than 30 years shaved it off just for Brooklyn.

Her family used the event to raise awareness, and says they want more parents to get preventative check-ups on their kids.

“We just want more people to be aware, because if it could happen to her it can happen to another child,” says Mary Summers, Brooklyn’s grandmother.

If you want to donate to St. Baldrick’s click here.

If they raise $7,500 by March 30, Michigan this Morning Meteorologist Michael Stevens has promised to shave his head, and we want to see that.

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