Cadillac Area Public Schools Presents Plan To Community

Dealing with aging buildings, Cadillac Area Public Schools unveiled a potential solution.

CAPS had an audit done that showed most of their buildings need serious repairs.

The school district hosted several open forums with the community to put together a plan going forward.

The original audit showed up to $100 million could be needed to repair the buildings over the next decade.

That’s when the district brought their concerns to the community.

"We have to give our kids the tools to be successful," said Pam Anderson.

After months of discussions, going over different scenarios and surveys, Cadillac Area Public Schools presented a  plan to fix its buildings.

"Really start to think about what this might mean for our kids staff community it’s a really exciting time," said Jennifer Brown.

The proposal includes building additions and updates.

It would re-configure some grade levels.

McKinley would reopen, while Kenwood and Forest View would close, eliminating about 100,000 square feet of space and saving money.

"We wouldn’t have to fix or maintain in the future which is really big when you consider how big our district is so that would be a big savings upfront and long term," said Jennifer Brown.

The price tag of the project, $74 million.

The bond proposal CAPS is looking at right now, on average, working out to slightly more than $240 per home.

"It’s just a lot of money and people are working to make their budgets fit their needs by the things they need," said Pam Anderson.

We talked to several people who said they wouldn’t be able to afford it. While others, like Pam Anderson, will make it work to invest in the students.

"I will support it, because I value education and I think we have to provide there are so many more tools now than when I went to school and so many more opportunities and that comes with money," said Pam Anderson.

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