Ludington Sets 2016 Tourism Record

From a New Year’s eve ball drop to staying busy year round, tourists are coming to Ludington more than ever.

The city reported record breaking numbers for attraction and event attendance last year.

But the Chamber of Commerce says that is motivating them to keep breaking records year after year.

"We just have so much going on here and we added events and restaurants and downtown stores so there’s always something new for people to come and see and we just keep hammering that message Pure Ludington," said Kathy Maclean.

Kathy Maclean thinks the friendly atmosphere brings people back to Ludington from Grand Rapids, Detroit and Chicago.

"We have a really fun small town feel and it’s been wonderful that that’s continued and the people who are here are really passionate about living here and the area and I think that feeling is what people sense," Kathy said.

She believes the small town charm, paired with more events and opening businesses is setting them up for success.

It’s also helping the Ludington economy flourish.

"I’ve heard from people they are doing well and I think the fact we have so many new restaurants and stores that are coming in it’s just evidence that people want a piece of the action," she said.

The city says new events are already in the works.

Like a world record attempt for the most sand angels.

The fun, and love, for Ludington wont stop anytime soon.

"We have been meeting for events and planning and as long as we get some great weather which I think we will it will be another record year," Kathy said.

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