Traverse City Adult Foster Care Calls To Community To Help Save Building

It’s something many of us often take for granted, our home.

Now in Traverse City 44 people may be losing theirs.

Recovering addict, Susan Locke is just one of 44 residents at Traverse City’s Green Acres home who can no longer imagine their life lived elsewhere, “The biggest thing I get out of being here is, funny that I had to come to this point to find, love, real unconditional acceptance, and it’s here and it thrives.”

Green Acres is an independent living and adult foster care housing facility that cares for those who need a home, medical care, and in many cases a family.

Green Acres Owner, Sarah Miner says, “We have an independent living which is not in the foster care, we have children living here that were homeless, we have recovered addicts, developmentally disabled, mentally ill and elderly.”

Now the building’s landlord is retiring and Sarah says Green Acres doesn’t have the money to buy up the building, “Everybody else here has to find alternative housing and there isn’t any, there’s years waiting list to get into low income. It’s not gonna work, I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

But there is hope.

If a new landlord takes over the building’s mortgage the home says they’ll happily have rent waiting at the door.

Sarah says there is also one other option, “If we were able to get the GoFundMe up and running and we were able to pay the contract holder off we would own the home free and clear.”

These donations would make it possible for Green Acres to own their own building, and importantly it would give residents peace of mind that their home and family isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“It is my world now and it is one that keeps me alive, keeps me sane, keeps me healthy and you can’t ask for a lot more than that,” says Susan.

The home has until mid-May to raise this money.

If you’d like to help click here.

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