Northern Michigan Weather Brings New Ice Warning

With warmer temperatures comes a new ice warning for people out on the lakes.

The Department of Natural Resources says people need to be very careful on the ice this time of year.

Sun exposure and lack of snow means ice will start melting.

Whenever you go out on the ice make sure you have a plan.

Go with somebody or let somebody know where you’re going to be and when you’ll return, and take precautionary ice equipment with you.

DNR Assistant Chief, Dean Molnar says you also need to think about what to wear when out on the ice, “Wear the proper clothing, insulated type clothing, layers of clothing, and we recommend that if you don’t have a flotation device such as a PFD have a flotation jacket. You know something that will help keep you afloat if you do go in the water.”

If you do fall through the ice, stay calm and call for help.

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