Traverse City School Takes Steps To Better Community

Students and Teachers are taking steps to better their community this time of year.

Eastern Elementary students are kick starting their day walking to school.

Eastern Elementary Principal, Biz Ruskowski says, “It’s an opportunity for our school community to gather together, walk into school and begin our day with a little extra activity in the morning before we start our day.”

The community commute is called Winter Walk Wednesday, a three month long initiative where students walk to school in groups referred to as trains.

“We have about five different walk trains for Eastern and so they are placed throughout our Eastern Elementary boundaries,” says Ruskowski. “We have parents that are the conductors and they lead the kids in on bikes or by walking.”

The sunrise stroll is part of a larger movement to get kids some exercise together before a day of learning.

Ruskowski explains, “So we know that research shows getting a little bit of exercise before school even in the form of a regular walk is so beneficial for kids.”

And as third grade student, Anika Stahl says, they’re helping the environment too, “Because you’re not using so much gasoline and air as the gasoline kinda pollutes it. So you’re not polluting the earth.”

Research shows exercising and socializing together are key components to a successful day, and from the looks of it, students agree.

“So even this morning on this little bit of a wet dark dreary day. I hear the giggles and the smiles behind me of a lot of excitement to all kind of be together and walk into school together,” says Ruskowski.

The winter walks are open to the community.

If you’re interested in joining next week click here.

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