Traverse City HIV, AIDS Prevention Center Reflects Those Lost On World AIDS Day

December first marks World AIDS Day a time to remember those who died from the disease and continue the fight for a cure.

At the Thomas Judd Care Center in Traverse City the day focuses on the memories of  friends, family members clients and even Thomas Judd himself who died.

It’s a chance to remind people there are local resources available for patients with HIV and AIDS.

The care center connects patients to the right doctors and offer free testing.

Manager, Nick Erber says, “HIV is alive and well in Northern Michigan, it’s not just downstate or in big cities. There’s people across our area, the northern 25 counties that are living with it and they need to know where they can go to see a doctor.”

Thomas Judd was a Northern Michigan man who died from AIDS in 1994. The care center was founded in his memory and his hard work to educate the public on HIV and AIDS.

The care center plans to host a community-wide World AIDS Day event next year.

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