Grand Traverse Co. Father Describes Night He Shot Daughter, Son-In-Law

Heart wrenching testimony as a father describes the night his son-in-law and daughter pointed a gun at him.

In October, Grand Traverse County deputies were called to a shooting at a home on Jacks Trail in Long Lake Township.

Court documents say David Peretiatko was killed and his wife Ashley was shot while trying to kidnap their kids.

Ashley’s parents have custody of her children.

Her father shot David and Ashley in what the prosecutor says was self-defense.

Deputies arrested Ashley. She’s charged with conspiracy to commit murder, assault with intent to murder, first degree home invasion, felony assault, felony firearm, and conspiracy to kidnap her own kids.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson were in the courtroom Thursday as Ashley’s father talked about the night he felt forced to shoot his own family members.

“I had to make a quick decision that night to let him kill me or take my chance.”

Jim Barron was holding back tears as he described the night he says his daughter Ashley and her husband David tried to kill him.

“I heard David’s voice. I recognized it,” says Jim Barron, Ashley Peretiatko’s father. “He said Jim and I turned around and we were face to face. Ashley was standing right next to him shoulder to shoulder. I’m at the base of the stairs and he’s got a gun pointing straight at me.”

Barron shot and killed David, but then his daughter Ashley picked up the gun.

“I took the gun and had it in a ready position as I half stepped down the hallway, possibly seeing David there with the gun, but what I saw was Ashley with the very same gun,” Barron says. “She had the same gun, holding it in both of her hands. Pointing it up towards me.”

The prosecutor says Ashley and David wanted to come to Traverse City to kill the Barron’s and take their children back.

“That’s when I knew bad things were going to happen,” Barron says. “Had you ever seen that knife before?” asks Robert Cooney, Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney. “Never,” Barron answered.

“There was 16 rounds of 380 ammo, a roll of duct tape, miscellaneous cash and a receipt from a gas station,” says a detective with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives also read text messages between Ashley and David.

“Took me so long to get here because I made a stop to make sure gun works… let me know when to come,” the text messages read.

The judge decided Ashley will stand trial.

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