Clare Man And Woman Charged With Armed Robbery

A man and woman are now charged with armed robbery, accused of holding up store employees at gunpoint.

It all started when a manager and worker were leaving the Dollar Daze store in Clare, Monday night.

Clare City Police say one of the robbers punched the employee in the head and the other had a gun.

Robbers then stole a bank bag from the manager.

Police arrested Angelica Shilakes and Robert Wagner for the robbery.

Clare Police say Angelica hit the employee and Robert had the gun.

Now officers are thanking the community for sending in tips on social media to help them catch the pair.

“People like to talk, people like to brag and people know things and we encourage the general public to stay active with it and to keep their eyes open. We can’t do the job the job without their eyes and ears because we are so limited,” says Chief Brian Gregory, Clare City Police.

Police were able to recover the bank bag and return it to Dollar Daze.

They say there was about one thousand dollars inside.

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