Clare County Power Returns After More Than 1,000 Lose Electricity

"We have no power at the house, no nothing. Just stuck up here with nothing."

More than 1,000 people in Clare County woke up Tuesday morning without power and they weren’t the only ones.

Wind is likely to blame for outages that affected people in several areas across the Northern Michigan.

At least 1,130 people in Clare County lost electricity north of Harrison.

The lights are back on for everyone.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman talked with businesses left in the dark much of the day.

They have more details.


“Ii woke up at 3 a.m.,” said Maria Rouech, owner of Long Lake Party Store. “I started this at 3 this morning to no power."

That was one way to wake up for Mary Rouech…

She had a business she needed to open, except there wasn’t power.

“My coolers would be working, my cash register, my credit card machine, my bottle machine,” Rouech said. “I can sell nothing pretty much today. My sales, I’ve sold a pack of cigarettes because they had cash."

It’s a hurdle that left her looking for other ways to keep the store running.

“I had to leave the store closed, run, find a generator,” Rouech said. “I want to be here if I can help them purchase something and at least let them know that I didn’t give up. I’m here. I’m trying. I’m waiting."

Merchandise like eggs, creamer, milk, even meat in stores like the one in Long Lake could all be lost if the power stays out for a long time, but given hours, other merchandise like ice cream could cause a big mess.

“I’ll lose a lot of money in the freezers,” Rouech said.

And she’s not alone.

Kyle’s Firewood helps around 20 people a day with their propane during the colder seasons, impossible to do without power.

“Wood-wise, not so much, but our propane customers, if they have to come up, of course we can’t fill any propane cylinders,” said Gary Gendron, delivery person for Kyle’s Firewood. “We have to jump start our processor with a battery charger and we couldn’t do that this morning."

Thankfully, he could still help his customers.

“The good thing here is the south end of town has power so Heintz Propane, we have filling stations down there so we can send them that way,” Gendron said.

 According to Consumers Energy, power is back for nearly everyone in Clare County. 

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