Northern Michigan’s News Leader Debuts New Live Drone

 You saw our new drone live in the sky, now here’s a look at how it all works. 

It’s been a goal of Northern Michigan’s News Leader to get a drone for a long time and all the pieces came together. 

"There have been very heavy restrictions before August you had to have a pilots license to operate the drone commercially so we knew the laws were going to be relaxed," said Chief Photojournalist Corey Adkins.

Chief Photojournalist Corey Adkins took the test to get his license to fly  just days after the FAA relaxed its regulations. 

"20 years ago I went through the pilot training. The test was not as hard as the pilot test but it’s not an easy test so you have to do a lot of studying," he said.

But in order to use our drone in the sky a lot of hard work first goes into it on the ground. 

"You need to know airspace, you need to know weight and balance, you need to know how far or above or below a cloud you can be there’s all sorts of rules," he said.

So now Northern Michigan’s news leader can take you to new heights. 

"It’s cool the management is so forward thinking and getting the technology to take everyone high above Northern Michigan and we are the first to do it," he said. 

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