Emmet County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Theft Of 12 Dogs

Six bear hunting hounds and six more puppies stolen from an Emmet County home.

The sheriff’s office says it happened Tuesday between 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The dogs were at a home in Friendship Township north of Harbor Springs.

The sheriff’s office says the owner discovered his dogs missing when he went out to feed them.

After searching on his own, he called police. 

A neighbor then put the news on Facebook.

The story has been shared more than five thousand times all in hopes to bring those 12 dogs back home

The sheriff says this is an unusual case because of the number of animals involved.

Sheriff Peter Wallin says, “We do have dogs coming up missing sometimes who have not been lost, but taken, but we’ve never had this amount of numbers I mean it does happen from time to time but this is a large amount of dogs so we’re looking for where they are who knows who took them.”

If you have any information call the Emmet County sheriff’s office at 231-439-8900.

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