Roscommon County Food Pantry Hands Out Food For Local Families

Several tons of food is filling the pantries of hungry families in Northern Michigan.
    Volunteers passed out the food at the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department. 
    Cars full of families in need lined the street. 
    People pulled up and volunteers loaded up their trunks. 
    In all, the Roscommon County Food Pantry gave out 11,000 pounds of baked goods and fresh vegetables. 
    Melanie Agbay says the pantry makes sure her kids do not go hungry.

"The fruits and vegetables my kids love fruits and vegetables so sometimes it’s too expensive. I have 6 so sometimes it’s too expensive to go to the food pantry, I mean, food market. They enjoy when I come here and get the fresh fruits and vegetables," said Melanie Agbay.

    The food pantry plans to give out more food at the end of the month. 

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