Michigan Department of Agricultural, Rural Development Warns Pet Owners About Rabies

We’re now at the peak of rabies season.

Infected skunks and bats were found in several counties, including Alpena, Antrim, Missaukee, and Newaygo counties.

The State Department of Agricultural and Rural Development says pets and people can get infected too.

The State Department is warning people to stay away from wild animals and get their pets vaccinated.

Companion Animal Hospital of Traverse City says it may take weeks after a bite or scratch for symptoms to show up, but they are easy to identify.

“There’s actually two forms of rabies: the furious form which is the typical biting, running, foaming of the mouth, that’s about 80% of the cases, and then there is a paralytic form as well, where they appear paralyzed and go into a coma,” says Dr. Katie Beiser of Companion Animal Hospital, Traverse City.

If you think you or your pet may have rabies, get in touch with your physician or vet.

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