Northern Michigan Democratic Leaders React To DNC Start

Local Democratic party leaders are reacting to the start of the DNC.

Ray Nichols, Benzie County’s Democratic Party Chair says it has been a little chaotic.

But he thinks Democrats will rally from here on out.

Nichols thinks local party members share a lot of the same values as Democrats across the country.

He also says they are looking for the same things, like expanding affordable healthcare and raising wages.

"I think they’ll come together. That doesn’t mean everyone will be in the same place in people’s heads but there’s values I think Democrats will vote for their values and when they look at the values both Clinton and Sanders have a lot of similar values," Ray Nichols said.

Nichols thinks voters should support the candidate whose values most closely align with theirs.

With Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stepping down as Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm is in the running to become her replacement.

We asked Senator Debbie Stabenow about that possibility, and what the resignation does for party unity.

"I think Jennifer taking the DNC spot would be terrific," she stated. "It would be a great opportunity for her and a great opportunity for Michigan. The emails that were sent were wrong and she did the right thing in the name of party unity. She’s stepping down so that we can proceed with everyone respected and everyone together."

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