Kalkaska Family Seeks ‘Blind Child at Play’ Signs for 5-Year-Old Girl

Kids love to get outside and explore their environment.

But this childhood innocence can be scary for parents of blind children who just want to protect their little ones from getting hurt.

"Blind and Deaf Child at Play" signs let people driving in an area know to be extra cautious to keep these kids safe.

But they’re not free, and a local family’s looking for help.

“I put my hands out and then I feel things, because I can’t see. I’m blind,” said Vanessa Petty.

Vanessa Petty’s a five-year-old girl who loves to ride her bike and play with her sister.

Her family wants to make sure she has that freedom, so they’re hoping to get some signs that say "Blind Child at Play."

“Because I’m gonna be walking around the car sign. I’m gonna be walking around cars, and cars cannot run into me.”

Vanessa spends a lot of time with her grandmothers in Kalkaska.

“We would like them to be on our road because we live on a trailhead and the end of the road that people come in. And her other grandmother lives just around the corner, which is the road access to the lake,” said Vanessa’s Grandma, Cynthia Petty.

People who want the signs need to buy them from the county road commission.

They cost $153 apiece.

Vanessa’s family hopes to get four.

“When you think of it and see, you almost want to look for that person and be aware that, ‘Oh gosh, I guess I do need to slow down.’”

They just want to keep the doors open so a spirited little girl can enjoy her play with less worry.

“She was born totally blind. She’ll probably be blind all her life. And we said she’s healthy, she’s happy. Whatever world we create for her is the world she will live in.”

The family has a fundraiser page on Go Fund Me.

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