Clinton Attempts To Rally Sanders’ Supporters As She Inches Closer To Democratic Nomination

“I want to finish strong here in California.”

Hillary Clinton is well on her way to the Democratic nomination and needs only 26 delegates, but Bernie Sanders says he isn’t giving up.

And Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump is dealing with fallout after he made comments about a judge’s ethnicity.

Trump says a judge presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University will not be able to be fair.

He says the judge will be bias because he’s part of a pro-Mexican club, making his interests conflict with Trump’s.

Hillary Clinton says she will start working to unify the democratic party, getting Sanders’ supporters behind her but sanders says she will need to work at it.

“It is Secretary Clinton’s job to explain to the people why she should get their support,” says Senator Bernie Sanders.

Candidates continue to prepare for Tuesday’s primaries and the general election.

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