Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: The Singing Waitress

There’s a little restaurant in Clare County where the entertainment is as good as the food.

A waitress, named Alaura Soto, may someday quit her day job because she’s smart and talented with a gift she brings with her every day.

Corey Adkins brings us today’s Sightseeing in Northern Michigan.

"I am the singing waitress. Well, I’ve been working here for about, almost two years now. I attend Central Michigan University. I’m part of the women’s choir there. I’m working on a bachelor’s of music education. I’m a single mom.

Well, pretty much they see it on the back of my shirt, if I’m wearing it. And they’re like ‘do you really sing?’ and I say ‘yeah, I’ll sing for you right now’ and sometimes they get, like, really shy.

And then I started being called the singing waitress, and then it ended up progressing into me doing like small covers of songs. Now that I’m, like, working on it in my schooling, people ask me how my school’s going, so I perform, like, small excerpts of my solo repertoire for them. And it’s just, it’s really encouraging.

I just want them to know that it’s an experience that you’re not gonna get some somewhere else. I love what I do here, I love my job. I live in Mount Pleasant, so people are like ‘why do you drive all the way to Farwell?’ I said ’cause I love the people, I love the environment and the food is great, too, I mean, let’s be real.”

Alaura just got the opportunity to sing with a small choir at Carnegie Hall.

Now she’s raising money to get her there.

To help Alaura with her trip expenses, click here.

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