Lake City Area Schools Puts Forth 23,000,000 Dollar Bond Proposal

A northern Michigan school district is putting a 23,000,000 dollar bond proposal up for vote in a couple of weeks.

Lake City Area Schools wants to make major changes to its school district and is seeking voter approval first.

School officials say something must be done to improve a building and provide community space.

They say that this bond proposal is a step in the right direction.

“We have easily over twice as many students today as when the building was built,” said Lake City Elementary Principal Kay Gill.

The bond proposal up for vote on May 3 focuses on three issues.

Getting a dedicated elementary building, improving student security and safety, and getting a community center.

“The lower elementary is very old and crumbling, and it’s hard to provide a safe environment because there are so many doors at that end of the building.”

If the proposal passes, a section of the elementary school will be removed. School officials say it’s more cost-effective than renovating.

“Our elementary students are located in the high school building on Russell Street where we currently have 875 students,” said Lake City Area Schools Superintendent Kimberly Blaszak.

There are about 250 middle schoolers and twice as many elementary schoolers.

The current middle school would become the elementary school, and middle schoolers would share the high school space.

The community center would have a walking track, gym, and be open for public use.

“With this option we’re able to have a small kitchen in that gymnasium where we’d be able to feed people in the event of an emergency.”

A homeowner whose house market value is 100,000 dollars would be paying about 235 dollars a year in taxes if this proposal passes.

“What we’re looking at is a 4.7 mill. We’ve raised currently over 100,000 dollars and then we’ve just sent in a number of grants we’re trying to get also.”

If the proposal passes on May 3, Lake City Area Schools will break ground on the project in the late fall.


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