Paul Ryan Pulls Name from GOP Presidential Nomination

All speculation of House Speaker Paul Ryan as a possible dark horse in the presidential election ended Tuesday night.

In a speech Tuesday, Ryan says he does not want, nor will he accept, a nomination.

There’s been a fair amount of chatter about drafting Ryan to run for president if the republican convention ends up deadlocked, but not anymore.

Ryan says it’s his job to unite the Republican Party.

He says he believes a late entry would only push the GOP further apart.

On the campaign trail, the New York State primary is just one week away, and it’s still anyone’s game.

Right now, Donald Trump is ahead in the delegate count.

But there’s a chance no republican candidate could get enough to secure the nomination by July.

Mathematically, Ted Cruz has a slim chance while John Kasich has none.

But Kasich still wants to be president rather than second in command.

Bernie Sanders has now won seven of the last eight democratic contests.

And now he’s counting on the momentum to carry him to an upset win in New York.

While Clinton has more delegates than Sanders, a new national poll shows they are in a dead heat.

The pair face off in a debate in Brooklyn on Thursday.

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