Michigan Republicans Select Delegates Ahead of National Convention

GOP leaders met in Lansing over the weekend to decide who will serve as delegates from Michigan at the Republican National Convention in July.

Those 59 delegates will help select the party’s nominee for president.

Trump will get 25, and Cruz and Kasich each get 17.

But with the chance for a contested convention, delegates could switch who they support after the first round of voting at the convention.

Republican leaders say there still isn’t a clear front-runner for the nomination, but they hope the party can rally behind the eventual nominee.

“There are three candidates, and I would view this convention as a positive indicator that people may have differences of opinion on candidates,” said Governor Rick Snyder. “But they want to work together. This convention has not been really contentious. It’s about people having different perspectives, and hopefully Cleveland will bring people together to get an answer to that question.”

The Republican National Convention starts on July 18th in Cleveland, Ohio.

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