Wisconsin Voters Cast Their Ballots For Primary Election

There are still a few hours left for voters to cast their ballots in the Wisconsin primary, and many voters say the lines are some of the longest they’ve ever seen.

In Wausau alone, the city clerk says she’s prepared for a 60 percent turnout.

The front-runners for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations could find trouble in Wisconsin today.

The polls show Donald Trump trailing Ted Cruz.

The Texas senator says he has the momentum.

A loss would hurt Trump’s chances of clinching the nomination before the GOP Convention.

"If Donald Trump loses tonight, and loses decisively, like walks away with no delegates, it becomes almost impossible for him to get to 1,237, to get a majority of delegates," said John Heilman, Bloomberg Politics.

The delegate race on the Democratic side isn’t likely to change much, even if Bernie Sanders continues his recent run of victories.

Hillary Clinton and Sanders will hold a debate in New York a week from Thursday.

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