MTM On The Road: Bynoe Street Hockey Tournament on Mackinac Island

When it comes to the historic island, everybody’s intrigued. From the transportation, to the grocery imports, to even the summer fudge production—people all over the country are infatuated with life on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. We first hear the buzz at the late spring blooming of the Lilac Festival, and of course the pictures are plentiful in the gorgeous color change come fall. And winter? Outsiders don’t know too much. For locals, it’s apart of the charm and bragging rights of living there. And even though the majority of businesses close after summer tourism, these thick-skinned northerners keep up the fun all year long. That’s where the Jamie Bynoe Street Hockey league comes in. It’s nine games of friendly(ish) competition between the Mackinac Island Red Wings and the St. Ignace Storms, all happening in the snow-covered streets of downtown Mackinac Island. The rules are blurry. The players change teams. The sportsmanship is completely questionable. All that said, the entertainment is top notch. Join us for complete coverage in Game 6 of the winter Bynoe Street Hockey Tournament on Mackinac Island!

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