MTM On The Road: Winter Camping at Traverse City State Park

Did you know this was a thing? For the outdoors enthusiasts, cowboy-coffee drinkers, and thick-skinned adventurers, it’s a thing. And yes, the name true to what’s happening on the camp site. These are men and women, young and old who brave wintery elements from day through night, including snow in all its glory. This morning we set off to Traverse City State Park and join the expert winter camping crew at Backcountry North. The best part? They’ve been waiting for us over night. Meet you at base camp at 5:45am!

Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park is located at 1132 US Highway 31 N, Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 922-5270

Backcountry North has two locations:

227 E. Front Street, Traverse City, MI (231) 946-1339

2820 US-31, Traverse City, MI (231)941-1100

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