The Maples Medical Care Facility Works to Open by April

A Benzie County nursing home that’s had all kinds of construction issues is now hoping to open within a matter of weeks.

They’ve had do more work to meet state code, but they’re hoping all the work will finally pay off.

Voters approved a 10 million dollar bond in 2013 to pay for the new Maples Medical Care Facility in Frankfort.

After several delays, they have a new target open date.

“We’re hoping to move in on April first,” said The Maples Administrator Kathleen Dube.

The Maples Medical Care Facility’s opening has been delayed many times. 

Now, they’re hoping a new roof will pass inspection by the fire marshal.

“We just have to get the waiver for the building and we’ll need a visit from someone in our licensing office in Gaylord, and then we can apply for occupancy.”

A new sprinkler system should be installed by the end of February — allowing people to finally move into The Maples.

“There’s been a lot of residents that planned on moving into the new building that are no longer with us,” said Benzie County Building Authory Chairman Tom Longanbach.

After pushing back the opening for more than a year, the Benzie County Building Authority and the existing Maples facility are excited to open the new building.

“We’re getting last minute things set up with computers and telephones, just storage areas and everything in general, cleaning up the building and getting everything ready to go,” Dube said.

Ninety percent of patients are on Medicare or Medicaid — and with high demand, they cannot wait to move in. 

“Currently we have 62 residents in this building, we will have 78 residents in that building. This building is going be full and we have a waiting list for the new building.”

If The Maples opens by the new target date, they say they’ll have a community open house.

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