Florida Police: Shooting at ‘Zombicon’ Leaves One Dead, Shooter On Loose.

Shots fired at an annual Zombicon Festival in Florida and tonight, police are looking for the person who did it.

It happened last night in Fort Myers, Florida; one person was killed and five others were injured. 

The shots sent hundreds dressed as zombies fleeing in *real terror.

Police searched the area for the gunman but have not made any arrests.

The eight year old event attracts more than 20-thousand people to the city but not everyone is a fan, and the event has been the subject of protests and community complaints.

The man who died at the scene has been identified as 20 year old Expavious Tyrell Taylor.

“And the guy fell- right in front of me. I’m right here and the body is right there,” said Fort Myers Police Officer Victor Medico. “It was people taking cover. Officers were running toward the shots and that’s when we located the victims."

The organizers of the event said on their Facebook they were "deeply saddened by the news."

They added they take the security of the festival very seriously by hiring security guards and police officers.

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