Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Music Meets Canvas

Combine music, art and the picture perfect scenery of a Northern Michigan winery, and you get Music Meets Canvas.

In tonight's Sightseeing in Northern Michigan, we take you to the unique event meant to honor the women who have their their mark on modern music.

This is no ordinary concert at a beautiful winery on a gorgeous summer night in Northern Michigan.

This is Music Meets Canvas.

"It's an artistic tribute to women who have shaped modern music. So people like Carole King who are such important song writers, for instance Joan Jett who was a pioneer of electric guitar," says Michelle Chenard.

"It's a collaboration of different arts. 1 + 1 makes 5. Two different types of artists always make for a better experience, in my point of view, so that's, it's music and live painting," adds Martina.

Michelle Chenard provides the music, Martina Hahn brings the paint. They will perform most
Thursdays this summer at the Walloon Lake Winery.

Together the pair came up with a different kind of show with plenty of audience involvement.

"We have a great camaraderie, so we joke back and forth, and we also want to involve the audience. We will be asking them questions and maybe giving little hints of who the artist is," says Michelle.

Every show features a different muse, but no one here knows who it will be.

"To honor the person who we are going to be, Martina will be painting, I will be doing mostly music from that era," Michelle tells us.

They will give out clues every so often…

"At the age of 8 she began to stutter and that was the reason she started singing, because when you sing you can't stutter and that was her way of communicating to the world," hints Martina.

That, combined with the painting, and the music, leads the audience to the answer.

"How many of you think you know? Well we know who it is … Carly Simon! And today is her 70th birthday."

For a new and up and coming family-owned winery, this was a great way to show off what they're doing.

"I went to art school and I have a music degree, so it's right up my alley, and our family, my parents are both teachers, so we've all been around the art and the music, so it's really close to all of our hearts," says Britta Dennis, Walloon Lake Winery. 

And for these two artists, it's a great way to do what they love in a picture perfect setting.

"If you look around, this is a beautiful setting. You see trees, you hear birds, you see fields, you see a vineyard and you're under this beautiful tent, you're going to be listening to music and drinking wine and they encourage people to bring their own picnic, it's a neat thing to do on a Thursday night," says Michelle.

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