Tech Savvy Gaylord Teaches Hundreds of Girls About Math and Science

More than 200 girls from all over Northern Michigan gathered in Gaylord today at the University Center.

They were doing workshops and college prep activities — all aimed at exposing them to STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math.

“Not just sit back and listen, but act up and do. With just wonderful workshops and speakers to just help them realize the talents they have,” Tech Savvy Planning Committee Member Sheila Simpson said.

Tech Savvy Gaylord is a conference for girls in sixth through ninth grades. Over 200 showed up — so many people were interested that some couldn’t attend.

“We had to limit it because of the facility so I know the interest is even greater, but those who are here are just having a dynamite time, no pun intended,” Simpson said.

Girls could select two of eight workshops when signing up — but one was mandatory for everyone involved.

“The third option is the college and career savvy corner, where we have college representatives with their stem programs. We have careers with their STEM organizations,” Simpson said.

The mandatory option didn’t bother sixth grader May-Lynn Brown — she’s already thinking down the road.

“Well, I wanted to learn more things about the stem program because it was more like me because I would want to go to college,” Sixth Grader May-Lynn Brown said.

Some girls got up early this Saturday to attend the educational event.

“We got up at like five this morning to come down here for Tech Savvy for the science and math and it’s been fun so far and we learned like a lot about a lot of colleges and opportunities to have for your future,” Eighth grader Karley Honeyscotte said.

Beyond crime and molecular workshops though, there were even wider lessons to be gained.

“Most important is actually working together because in most of your jobs you have to work with groups and you have to get used to it,” Brown said.

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