HS Football Two-a-days: Alcona & Hillman

We’re clawing down tonight’s two-a-day previews with some Tiger squads hoping the 2014 season is one they’ll never forget.

Over in Alcona, the blue and gold finished the 2013 regular season undefeated before winning its first playoff game in school history. However, when the Tigers met the Trojans of Lake City in round two, their luck ran out, concluding the group’s most successful year to date.

Now just six days away from its first game of the 2014 season, Alcona is looking for guidance from its new Head Coach Jason Somers.

“My philosophy is to teach these kids about life, what it’s gonna be and. . . [how] to be a vital member of society as they grow up. . . We talk about commitment, hard work, and sacrifice, and what it takes to be successful in life,” Somers said.

Staying in the North Star League, Hillman hasn’t been able to make it past round one of the postseason for the last six years. Something its tight-knit senior group plans to change, while showing everyone that each player will do whatever it takes to win.

“Biggest thing is the way they compete against one another.  I mean that’s what makes them so good on the field is that they are constantly trying to out do each other so we [can] get that all worked into one motion on the field then we should be pretty good,” said Head Coach Bill Koenig.

Hillman opens its season Friday in Rudyard.

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