UPDATE: Man Accused of Running Meth Lab in Clare County

UPDATE: July 2

A man originally arrested for a parole violation is now charged with running a meth lab in Clare County’s Hayes Township.

A deputy and a parole officer showed up at a home where Joseph Mathias was living.

When he refused to let them inside, they got suspicious.

They searched the home and found meth and guns.

Deputies arrested him because he was on parole, but now he’s charged with running the lab.

June 25

A Harrison man on parole is back in jail. Deputies found an active meth lab inside his garage.

On Monday, Clare County deputies went to the man’s home, in Dodge City.

There, they found a suspicious bottle in the garage.

Later, deputies, the Harrison Fire Department and Bay Area Narcotics Team, went back to the scene, and found an active meth lab.

The man was arrested on a parole violate charge.

He has not been charged for the meth lab. Those charges are under review by the prosecutor’s office.

9&10’s Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Tony Zyber have more on the investigation.

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