UPDATE: Lake Michigan Ice Coverage Breaks Record

The Doppler 9&10 Weather Team is closely tracking the growing ice cover on the Great Lakes.

Lake Michigan has set a new record for ice coverage at 93.29%. The last record was in 1977 when the ice coverage was at 93.1%.

The lakes are the second most ice-covered they have been since 1973, and the abnormally frigid conditions may soon shatter that record.
As of Tuesday, experts say the Great Lakes Total Ice Cover is at 91.0%. The all-time highest ice-cover was in 1979 at 94.7%.
In the image, you can see the areas of gray are ice-covered. On the right is an Ice Concentration key that shows the variations of gray respective to ice on the Great Lakes. 
You can also see the areas of blue on Lake Ontario. These areas are not as frozen.
For more details on the ice coverage, follow the link posted on the left. 
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