Great Storm of 1913: Remembering The Great Storm

The most intense storm recorded in Great Lakes history, pounded the lakes and everyone on them 100 years ago.

With 3 ships already down in lakes Michigan and Superior, the storm only grew more violent over Lake Huron, taking down 8 more on November 9th, 1913.

It was the day Goderich, Ontario felt like the most godforsaken place on Earth.

By the time the Great Storm of 1913 was over, 12 ships had gone down, and the best estimate is that around 260 people had been killed.
 The storm, in part, helped change the rules for late season shipping on the Great Lakes and led to improvements in weather forecasting.
If a storm this powerful were to ever hit the Great Lakes again, those who've studied it say the loss of life and vessels would not be nearly as severe.  

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