UPDATE: Animal Control Seizes Dozens of Animals from Bitely Home



A Newaygo Vounty couple arrested for animal cruelty late last week was formally charged today.
Police and animal control say they took nearly 60 live cats as well as ten dead ones from the Lilley Township home of Thomas and Julie Bennett last Friday.
Today, the bennetts were charged with animal cruelty.
Animal control also seized a dog, two rabbits, a skunk and a dead fawn.
Police suspect the couple operated on the cats themselves at the home.
Neighbors say they were told the couple ran a cat rescue



Police say the arrested couple would spay and neuter the cats themselves without a veterinary license.

Animal control found 50-60 cats at a home in Lilley Township near Bitely in Newaygo County Friday afternoon.

Along with the cats, animal control took a dog, two rabbits and a baby skunk, along with a dead fawn and a dozen dead cats in the freezer.

Neighbors say they were told the home was the sight of a cat foster home.

Police say many of the animals were living in horrible conditions and underfed.

The couple are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in White Cloud.

9&10 News' Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Martillo Palmer spoke to a neighbor today and have more details.

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