Countdown to the Bayshore: Peak Week

23 days remain until the Bayshore Marathon, and tonight we continue our coverage, following a group of runners training for the race.

The Traverse City group is nearing the end of training, and they're making big strides.

This week, the coach says the focus was to train their muscles for “race pace”, and getting used to running that way.

The group's first long run, which is 21 miles, is this coming Saturday.

Coach Alison Goss has a few helpful tips for the week that runners call “peak week,” which is running the most miles in one week. 

“We are only 23 days out from race day and for most runners this is peak week (you run the furthest distance and most miles in one week). Peak week can be exciting, but for some runners may also bring some anxiety. Just remember to stay calm and to remind yourself it is just another training week with a long run.  All the little aches and pains you have accumulated over the last few months of hard training will start to dissipate once you enter in to the taper phase. While running this week remind yourself to keep your eye on the prize, keep working hard, and that you personal Bayshore goal is within reach. Often times distance runners over think their training because running is such a highly mental sport. This weekend while you are out on your long run, don't think…just run! Also, Running Fit is offering an aided training run this weekend on the Bayshore course. This is a fantastic opportunity to preview the course with other local runners. Cost is only $10 and runners can sign up at either Traverse City Running Fit location.”


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