Woman Arrested for Embezzling from a Cheboygan County Non-Profit Organization

Following the recent arrest of former Wolverine Lion's Club Treasurer Kathleen Starkey, who is accused of embezzling around $4,000 from the organization, Michigan State Police have some advice for non-profit organizations to protect themselves.

A Detective Sergeant tells 9&10 News the individuals who take on leadership positions within an organization need to question things and do routine checks.

9&10's Christina Vecchioni and photojournalist Eric Davis have more details.

——————————————————————————————————————Originally, we had received a press release that said Kathleen Starkey was the secretary for the Wolverine Lion's Club.

We now know that Starkey had been the former treasurer of the club.

The club's District Governor released this statement about Starkey's arrest, and disbanding of the Wolverine club:

“In response to news coverage on the local channels Tuesday, April 8, 2013, it is important to clarify that the woman arrested from the Wolverine Lions Club, Inc., was not their club secretary.  Kathleen Starkey, accused of embezzling approximately $4,000 from club fundraisers between July 2012 and January 2013, is their elected club treasurer.

     Due to internal issues within the club, the Wolverine Lions Club voluntarily disbanded January 28, 2013.  Their board of directors is currently settling the club's outstanding obligations.  Having disbanded, the former Wolverine Lions Club, Inc. is no longer associated with Lions Clubs International, and can no longer use the Lions logo or represent themselves in any way as part of the Lions Clubs International organization.

     Lions clubs throughout the “tip of the mitt” have been a vital part of their communities, providing eyeglasses and hearing aids to those in need, providing scholarships to students, sending disabled and disadvantaged children to summer camp, beautifying their communities, building handicap ramps, etc.  You also see Lions collecting for White Cane, using those monies to benefit sight projects.  You name it – Lions do it!  We join the 1.35 million Lions around the world who have been serving their communities for almost 100 years.

     Although there is no longer a Lions club in Wolverine, community members who are in need of assistance may contact:  Lions of Michigan, District 11 E-2, 3340 Birchwood Trail, Rogers City, MI  49779.”


Police have arrested a woman in Cheboygan county, accused of embezzling from a non-profit charity.

Kathleen Starkey was the former club secretary for the Wolverine Lion's Club.

The investigation found that Starkey had stolen about $4,000 from the club between July of last year, and this past January.

The club has temporarily disbanded, but the president says it has nothing to do with the embezzlement case.

Starkey was arraigned last week.

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