UPDATE: Northern Michigan Power Outages

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Yesterday and today's wet, heavy snow combined with high winds have caused a streamline of power outages all over northern Michigan.

Right now Consumers Energy has around 35,500 customers without power in Northern Michigan. Here is the latest numbers in the hardest counties hit.

Benzie County: 7,939

Leelanau County: 5,265

Manistee County: 4,068 

Clare County: 3,829

Grand Traverse: 3,078

Cheboygan County: 2,928

Roscommon County: 1,823 

Otsego: 1,791   

Crawford County: 1,628  

Wexford: 561

Consumers says they will work to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. They currently have no distinct restoration time.

Local companies such as Great Lakes Energy and Presque Isle Electric & Gas Cooperative are also experiencing a wide variety of power outages.

Great Lakes currently has 23,000 customers without power, most of those being in Otsego County.

Presque Isle Electric & Gas Cooperative currently has 13,444 customers without power. PIE&G crews are working to restore power, however, the heavy snow load and high winds that are expected today, will slow the process.

And Cherryland Electric Cooperative updated us, they're reporting 3,900 people powerless.

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